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The experience of a lifetime


The two days we spent with you were the highlight of our two-week trip in Panama and Costa Rica. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to visit your lands and your home. It was a pleasure to learn about your traditions, enjoy your delicious food and to make new friends. We can't stop talking about the experience to our friends and family. Hopefully we get the chance to visit again.

-Scott and Julie Lunz, Arizona

This tour was awesome.  Jeison is a great guide and his family are fantastic especially his mother who cooked, instructed and told us the Naso story. I would recommend the overnight stay to anyone.   Please thank Jeison and his family and the Naso at Santa Rosa.  Thanks again!

-Bill List

We only wanted to give you a feedback of our travel to SOPOSO...
It was amazing great!!!! Everything perfect!!!
Thank you very much for your organisation!!! We will tell the world about SOPOSo and our experience there!!

Sabine and Norma, Germany

Just wanted to tell you what an amazing time we had with Soposo tours!  It was definitely the highlight of the trip.  We all felt so welcomed by the Williams family and were greatly impressed by their knowledge and hospitality.  The Rio Teribe is a beautiful place and our experience was so unique and unforgettable.

-Anthea Johnson,  Minnesota

We found Soposo Adventure Tours on the Internet, and connected with Demecia. Demecia is a former Peace Corps volunteer who married in to the Naso tribe, to one of four boys in the household in which we stayed for three days and two nights.
The tour was billed as all inclusive, and indeed Jason never left our side for the entire time. Despite knowing more English than he let on, he also stuck to the tour´s informal spanish only rule, resulting in three days of immersion in which Jodi thrived and I struggled.  He picked us up in Changuinola and dropped us off at the Bocas Town boat launch in Changuinola. In between, we motored in skiffs up and down the Rio Teribe, ate prepared lunches with our hands from banana leaves beside its rapids, and hiked through treacherous rain forests populated by everything from bullet ants to poison dart frogs to sloths.  At the end of the day, we retired to the family compound, where the family matriarch prepared dinners, At night, we retired to our elevated hut and fell asleep to the sounds of the rain forest.

In the midst of all of this, on our second day in the rain forest, we were transported to a small Naso community for an exhibition of traditional dancing.
All in all, the Naso lead a life very close to the earth, a life that it is easy to idealize when you encounter its finest for a brief moment, as we did.

-Jay and Jodi Combe

I grew up in Panama (Canal Zone) moving to the U.S. in the 70s.  Every other year or so I return and try to visit an "out-of-the-way" place in Panama to which I've never gone.   In January of 2008, at the suggestion of the owners of Lulu’s B&B in Bocas town, my two friends and I contacted Soposo and the three of us were boating upriver to one night and two incredible days of  learning about the Naso culture, history, language, typical foods, medicinal plants, land and environmental issues, etc. from our hosts Demecia and Celestino, Celestino’s parents, and friends.  Thank you for this wonderful and eye-opening experience in this very special part of Panama!  I'll be back.

-Janet Marr

Demecia & Celestino,
Thank you so much for the day I spent with you.  From the moment I was picked up in town I had a blast.  Riding up-river in a canoe with the beautiful scenery was a nice start.  Walking through the forest, learning about your food and the jungle was very enjoyable.  One of my favorite things about traveling is experiencing new foods and learning how other people live; my day with Soposo satisfied that desire perfectly.  Although I enjoyed the entire day, I do have two highlights I'd like to share.  One, meeting your mother, Virginia. She's delightful.  Two, riding the balsa raft down river to get back to town.  My eyes light up every time I think about that experience.  My only regret is that due to time constraints I only did a day trip.  If  I could do it over again I would love to stay for an overnight. Thank you again for a great day.

-Kevin Meyers

Our trip with Soposo Rainforest Adventures was unlike anything we had ever done before. It was amazing to learn about the history of the Naso people and how they live today. Everyone we met welcomed us into their homes and lives with joy and generosity. We were also able to witness the beauty of the rainforest for the first time- what a wonderful experience!!

-Diana and David Lloyd, Troy, NY


Although my husband and I have traveled extensively, we were looking for a special place to take our children on their first international vacation. We traveled throughout Panama but the highlight of our time was the week spent in the Naso area. The kids had the time of their lives- they harvested rice, played with baby pigs, rode horses, and swam in the beautiful Teribe River. We all loved learning about the Naso culture, especially the botanical medicine and the traditional dances. We chose Soposo Rainforest Adventures because of their commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible. It was a treat to learn about the rainforest from people whose families have lived there for generations and who are trying to maintain it for future generations to come. We love knowing that our amazing experience actually helped to preserve the beautiful culture and surroundings of the Naso people.

-The Andersens, Ballston Spa, NY

As a professional photographer, I am always looking for a vacation that also affords me the opportunity to get some great photographs. I was certainly not disappointed with my trip to Panama with Soposo Rainforest Adventures. My guide, and now good friend, Celestino, accompanied me to nearly every corner of Panama showing me the rich cultural history that the country has to offer. We visited the Embera tribe on the Chagres River, the Kuna in San Blas and, of course, the Naso in Bocas del Toro. I got to experience the beauty of the rainforest and the traditions that are still maintained there by the native people. I saw an amazing collection of wildlife and met some of the kindest and nost generous people of my life. I would recommend a trip with Soposo Rainforest Adventures to anyone looking for the experience of a lifetime. 

For more photos and info about my trip check out my blog-

 -Michael Goddere, Salem, MA

I had the privilege to visit the Soposo Rainforest Adventures in March 2008.  While in graduate school studying Community & Conservation/EcoTourism and found myself searching for potential sites focused on community-based ecotourism.  Having explored Costa Rica extensively while living there for 4 years, I had the desire to search outside the normal travel experience and wanted to explore the natural & cultural heritage of Panama.  When I came across Soposo Rainforest Adventures, I was amazed!  It was excited to see that a small indigenous community consisting of 11 villages and only 3000 people still govern under a monarchy, practice traditional agriculture, hunting/fishing, & dancing, lived on the border of the La Amistad International Park.  This area is known to be one the most biologically diverse areas in all of Central America and upon arrival I discovered the rich cultural history dated back at least 3000 years.  I met up with Celestino, founder of Soposo and my guide through the history of the Naso people.  The Naso, or “/Tjër Di/”, take their name from the Rio Teribe, their mythological river; one can immediately understand this mysticism as you move up the Rio Teribe in a traditional dugout canoe; the flora & fauna, while spectacular, is masked by the presence of cultural history this area holds.  But this mystical river and the Naso are not without threats - they face the loss of their cultural identity, encroaching development, and the building of hydroelectric dam which could change the face of Rio Teribe and the Naso people.  Celestino and his mother prepared wonderful meals and the accommodations were superb!  I most enjoyed our talks and discussions regarding the history of their people, and how they are taking action to protect their traditional lifestyle and culture (and the ride back down the river on a balsa float Celestino and his brother made in less than an hour).  I would suggest to anyone who is interested in stepping  back and appreciating a unique culture to visit  Celestino, his family, Soposo Rainforest Adventures, and the Naso people.  Please feel free to contact me with questions at

-Bobby Chappel

My wife, Dana and I spent three nights at Soposo in January of this year.  Jeison (sp?) picked us up at the dock at Almirante when we arrived by water taxi from our stay at Bocas del Toro.  He remained our main companion throughout our stay and was one of the most pleasant and professional hosts we’ve encountered in our years of international travel. We were taken up the river in a family dugout to the Soposo jungle farm. We spent our time with the remainder of the family: father, mother (Virginia), and two brothers (Max and Michael), albeit not with Demicia and Celestino, whom we did not meet.  

We were expecting to rough it a bit, but never found that to be the case.  The Williams family has managed to create a very comfortable living environment in close proximity to jungle trails around their traditional farm, with excellent nature walks, birding, etc.   One highlight was being able to view many species of gorgeous birds in a tree facing the balcony of our thatch-roofed two-story hut. Jeison was an excellent jungle guide, locating birds and other wildlife for us and demonstrating considerable knowledge about them, and the plants we encountered along the way. 

Although we were kept active with the activities planned by the family, we felt totally relaxed, and were never rushed or left on our own for longer than we wanted to be.  Virginia’s meals were superb, and were always accompanied by explanations and demonstrations of the ingredients and preparation methods (all traditional).   

We were treated to a delightful visit to a Naso village, where children of several ages, led by a knowledgeable adult (Rosario), demonstrated some Naso habits, customs, and dances.  Dana reciprocated by teaching them the Hokey-Pokey and giving a very brief English lesson (she’s an ESL teacher). The children expressed genuine warmth and appreciation.  

Each member of the family present was interesting in his or her own way, and they made themselves available to converse with us, so that we could get to know each other as much as possible in the few days we were there.  

When they asked us for our assessment at the end of our stay we were unable to come up with negatives, despite their insistence that we be completely candid - except for Jeison getting my name wrong a few times (I resembled a previous guest). 

We have been recommending the experience to our friends, without qualification.   

-Roger and Dana Luedtke





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