Soposo Rainforest Adventures
The experience of a lifetime

Community Involvement and Environmental Commitment

Soposo Rainforest Adventures is dedicated to offering a quality adventure tourism experience by promoting both the rich cultural heritage of the native Naso people and the natural beauty and resources found within the Naso area.

With the changes in society and economics forcing many native Naso people leave their villages and traditional culture behind, Soposo Rainforest Adventures will help the Naso learn to value their own culture and natural resources as it is reflected in the eyes of the visitors. This enterprise will allow many community members the chance to use their traditional skills to augment their income and promote the education of traditional ways among the younger generations.



Soposo Rainforest Adventures advocates and promotes conservation as well as health and nutrition in the community by using sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques in all aspects of the business including solar energy, composting latrines, and organic gardens that visitors, as well as local villagers, can enjoy.

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