Soposo Rainforest Adventures
The experience of a lifetime


Soposo is the traditional Naso name for the river port and site we have chosen for our rain forest adventures. “So” is Naso for tapir, the impressive creatures that are natives of the Naso area and have many mythological stories surrounding them. “Poso” is Naso for well or watering hole because the calm tranquil waters formed by the bend in the river have long attracted animals and people to bathe and drink. Soposo therefore means watering hole of the tapirs.

Soposo’s guest huts and other associated buildings are located within the La Amistad International Park in the small village of Bajo Sodi, a short distance from the beautiful Teribe River. The facilities of Soposo Rainforest Adventures are designed in a traditional style but focus on comfort and sustainability. One hut features four separate rooms, three with  double beds, and one with two twin beds. The second hut has a single room with a double bed. Both huts have private porches with hammocks. Both the composting latrine and shower are separate. The huts also feature mosquito nets around the beds and traditional style furniture.

Our accommodations are very rustic as we do not have electricity, internet access, or even hot water. Please make sure you bring along any toiletries, flashlights and anything else that you might feel necessary to feel at home and comfortable.

Meals are prepared in a traditional style kitchen featuring a wood fired stove and served in an open-air dining room. All of the meals are prepared with the freshest and finest locally grown ingredients. Regularly offered foods include freshly caught boca chica ( a local river fish), patacones (fried green plantains), pluzon (fiddle-head ferns), and a variety of fresh tropical fruits.

The grounds are landscaped with native fruit and flowering trees. Soposo Rainforest Adventures has additional lands that are left as a forest reserve and  areas of reforestation of native tree species.

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